Why I decided to have a home birth.

In NYC black women are 12x more likely to die of childbirth complications. Majority of these complications can be prevented but they aren’t do to implicit bias, neglect and flat out racism. Black women are being left to bleed out (hemorrhage) to death. They are getting infections from C-Sections that more times than not are preventable. They are being told lies that their baby is dying when its not and threatened with CPS if they fail to comply with the medical staff’s orders. All of that is ILLEGAL! The hospital is no longer a safe place for black women,I doubt it ever was.

I have 4 children and I am currently pregnant with my 5th. My 1st child was born via C-section. It was completely unneccessary. Thankfully I was able to deliver my 3 other children vaginally. My last birth was an unmedicated hospital birth that lasted all of 4 hours. Pretty quick if you ask me! I found out I was pregnant in September. I was shocked because I was not trying to have another baby. I thought I was done. Clearly I am not. HA! But it is OK because I welcome each of my babies with loving arms. Within a few weeks of being pregnant I knew I wanted a home birth. I found out that hospitals are giving women pitocin during active labor to help speed up the process. It seems as if women are no longer being allowed to labor peacefully. I did not and do NOT want unneccessary medications during my birth especially since my body has proven that it knows how to birth a baby.

I soon started my midwife research after a few OBGYN appointments. They informed me that the hospital I would have been comfortable birthing in would not be an option by the time I was to deliver. Uncomfortable with that, I started googling NYC home birth midwives. I emailed everyone that I could find. One midwife informed me that she was booked for the month of June which is understandable. Lots of babies are born in the summer apparently. The next midwife flat out told me that she doesn’t do HBAC (home birth after a c-section). Then I received an email from my current midwife. She emailed me within a few hours after me explaining that I was looking for a midwife. I emailed her my insurance information. I had to change my insurance to one that would cover most of her service fee. Within a few weeks I was set to make my first appointment with my new midwife. It was scheduled for January 6th.

I chose to have a home birth because I want the freedom to be comfortable while birthing. I want to be able to relax in my birthing pool while I wait for my son to arrive. I want the luxury of taking a nice shower after birth. Soothing music and dim lights appeal to me. Being able to have a doula present and my family without restrictions is a dream come true. It is also more convenient since I won’t need to find a babysitter unless I really would like to be alone during the birthing process. I will be looking into hypnobabies and hypnobirthing in the upcoming weeks. I will be taking you all on my home birth journey so please follow along!