Kids On 45th: The Answer To Stocking Up Kids’ Clothes On A Budget


I recently got the opportunity to try out Kids On 45th. I’m a mom of 5 and shopping for all of them can be a bit tedious and stressful at times. I often try not to take anyone to the store with me. Can you imagine clothes shopping with 5 kids including a 4 month old?! Sounds like a bunch of managing small people while trying to look at all the items. This is why I prefer to shop online. I save my in-store shopping for long walks at Target. Kids on 45th takes one step out of shopping that we often overlook (actually having to LOOK and SEARCH for clothing). They pick the items for you! You tell them your style and how many of each item you want, pay and they pick and then ship everything to your address.


I have a preference for loose clothing, especially pants, like sweats or joggers. I like to dress my kids in sporty clothes. I find them to be more comfortable and easier for kids to get on and off. I hate buttons and stiff clothing. Kids need to be able to move freely in their clothes. I gave all of my preference to Kids on 45th. A few days later a box was on its way to my house. Once I received the box, I quickly opened it and I was shocked. All of my kids got great athletic wear! My oldest, who is 7, received Adidas, Nike and Puma clothing in great condition. My daughters received joggers, athletic tops and cute tunics with leggings to match. For my two youngest boys, who are 2 and 4 months old, each got a few pairs of sweatpants and long sleeved shirts/hoodies. Many of the clothing items were new with tags and wrapped in clear plastic.

Now this is where the savings come in! Buying clothes for multiple children can be expensive. Kids on 45th solves that problem by actually being affordable. New and pre-loved kids’ clothing are about $4 an item, which is a pretty good deal. They have a wide range of sizes, starting from newborn and capping off at size 14/16. If you are building a wardrobe for a growing child or need clothes for the changing seasons, this is an affordable way to do so.

Kids On 45th at a glance:

Cool points:

  • Baby clothes start at $1.99 and stop at $12.99 for big kids jackets

  • Free shipping on orders $65 and up

  • Tell your kids’ style and get a box fitting that style

  • Get credit for items you aren’t fond of .

  • No subscriptions and no styling fees!

Things to consider:

  • You don’t know exactly what you will be getting. On the bright side it can be a mystery and surprise for your child to see what each box includes!

I enjoyed my box. I often thrift for a lot of my kids’ clothing and I like that Kids On 45th saves me the time of going in an actual store. The crunchy mom in me loves that clothes are being saved from being in a landfill. Pre-loved clothes are an awesome way to save money and help the earth at the same time.

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