Being “crunchy” is not just for white moms

From my time on Facebook I’ve learned that many people don’t view black women as “hippies” or “crunchy” parents who use natural and healthy methods in raising their children. This is evident in the baby wearing community where it is completely white-washed. Names have been changed from the orginal names, given by African, Asian and indigenous people across the globe. The baby wearing community has also committed many racist acts against the originators of babywearing by claiming that European “white” women are the orginal babywearers. This all leads to the notion that black women are less likely, if at all to practice natural parenting, attachment parenting or any other seemly “crunchy” thing that has made its way on Facebook and then Columbused to be seen as something cool white women do. Adopted and stolen with no attribution to the creators. Somewhere this trickle downs to everyday black people who are ignorant to their own culture and ancestors. This is when we get the “black people don’t do that comments!”

I am here to tell you that being a “crunchy” black mom SAVES you MONEY! Being aware of what you put in and on your body saves your health in the long run. Being healthy certainly is NOT a white mom thing! Being crunchy can be something as simple as using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. By doing so you make sure that your baby will never run out of diapers no matter how little money you may have at the moment.

Crunchy goes beyond diapers. It goes into reusing things that you would have to spend extra money on. For example, it’s the new thing to get rid of plastic and switch to either glass or stainless steel cups and bowls. Now we all know that can be expensive depending on the size of your family. This is were being crunchy becomes useful. A finished glass jar of tomato sauce can be washed and reused as cup and a canning jar if you are the canning type of mom!

Now on to the HOT topic of the century! VACCINES. I believe in every mom having the choice to decide what is best for her family. Some choose to vaccinate and others choose not to. Now what does this have to do with being crunchy? Well, being crunchy means that you research vaccines and watch your child after every vaccine looking for reactions and moving accordingly. Being crunchy means deciding if being fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, delaying vaccines or being un-vaccinated is best for you. It means not blindly taking whatever information doctors give you. And honestly as a black person, doctors historically have never had our health on their important list of things to take care of. That’s a story for another day so google your ass off about any and all choices for yourself and your child.

Crunchy in childbirth has many benefits that many black women are missing out on while white women reap all the benefits. White women are more likely to have homebirths than black women. White women are also less likely to die in hospitals when giving birth. Black women however are 4x more likely to die in childbirth, nationwide. Depending on what city you are in it can increase to 12x more likely or even higher. Being crunchy in this manner can save your life and provide a better birthing experience. Doulas for one! Homebirths and midwives for another! Taking control of your body, pregnancy and birth is one of the best things you could ever do as a mother!

So don’t believe the hype! CRUNCHY has been a black mama thing and will continue to be. Yes black women do THIS!!!