Black Women Are Not Your Pack Mules

Hmmm. It seems like people have got this severely twisted. I don’t care how many centuries black women have been MADE and FORCED to do physical, emotional and psychological labor, doesn’t mean we are obligated to do a damn thing! People look at black women as captain save the world. They want us to save everyone but ourselves. And by everyone I mean EVERYONE. Black men, white people and damn near everyone on this planet except the remote lands of “uncivilized” people expect black women to throw all the burdens of the world on our shoulders. We are supposed to do the foot work. We are supposed to stop all the injustice of the world. We are supppsed to make everyone’s life easier at the determinant of our health and mental well being. We are supposed to die, fight and sacrifice until the very last cell in our body gives up.

People get very offended now that black women have decided to put themselves and other black women first. It’s almost as if they feel entitled to our labor. Oh wait!! They do feel entitled. How dare we, take care of ourselves?! Oh the blasphemy!

This entitlement even trickle downs into our relationships with men. The men expect us to be sex gods, raise children, look like a run way model mixed with a video vixen, expect us to be chefs and their therapist all while working 100 hours a week and going 50/50 on the bills. Now doesn’t that sound exhausting? We cannot be everything to everyone. Our partners expect too much and the world definitely expects too much.

Black women are people, contrary to popular belief. We are not pack mules to carry your burdens. We are not here to work to exhaustion. We are not here to save the world. We have done that enough. History has shown all the work we have put in while raising kids, while sexing James until his feet fall off, while working all the jobs and not sleeping. When do we get a break?! We get nothing for all this work we do. We are the most raped, beat and abused women on this planet. No one protects us. That doesn’t seem like a fair exchange of services to me .

Black women have decided that we will take back our lives and if we will be a pack mule, we will be one for our got damn selves, dreams, goals and aspirations! We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to all the little black girls to break this cycle.