How to be that bougie mom on a budget.

Yeap! You read that correctly! I know we all see all the expensive and top of the line baby gear. Diaper bags going for $300! Strollers starting at $1,000!! It can seem completely out of many moms' price range but it can be done. I'm not rich so I know how to find the best deals and living in NYC will force you to learn a thing or two about finding the best deals. With that being said I've learned to find ways to get top of the line gear for less than half of the retail price. I'm going to share my favorite apps and tips with you.

Buy USED: buying used will save you a bunch of money especially when it is concerning strollers. Lots of moms want to get rid of their strollers once they outgrow them or it no longer suits their needs. Uppababy, bugaboo, baby jogger, bumbleride, mountain buggy, BOB and stokke are brands that sell high end strollers. They are fairly expensive. You can often find them used for $600 or less which is a great deal considering they cost over $1,000 without any accessories.

Check Facebook marketplace: I found my bugaboo donkey on the marketplace for $450 with all of the accessories. Brand new it would have cost over $2,000! Talk about a deal! Check often and save the deals that you find because often the sellers will reduce the price if it sits on the market for a while.

Mercari, Kidizen, eBay and poshmark: these are all wonderful apps! You can find lots of brand name and sometimes new clothing, diaper bags, strollers and etc for amazing prices. I found my TWELVELittle companion diaper bag for $35 on Kidizen. It retails for $179 brand new! A lot of the sellers are moms and are just looking to get some money back from their purchases. Many items are priced dirt cheap for a quick sale. You can even find sold out items on these apps!

Let it go and offer up: theses are great apps to find deals in your local area. Items on these apps are usually a short drive away and are often cheaper since they do not have to be shipped.

Lily jade: this is a brand name diaper bag company. The bags are about $300 each and many are made out of leather. The great part about this company is they have an outlet section on their website that has diaper bags discounted because they have a slight or minor flaw that doesn't affect the functionality of the bag. Lily jade bags can also be found on all the apps I mentioned above! Many are sold for under $200!!

Now you know the secrets to having high end baby gear/items on a budget! Go live your best mom life!!