Mommy interview: Sharee

So, tell Black Mom Life a little about yourself. Please provide any social media or links you’d like to be shared. 

Hi BML! I’m Sharee, a 33 mother of 2 and wife. We’ve lived overseas in Kuwait for the last 10 years and I just started blogging! My Instagram is @_myserendipitea and my blog is at

How would you describe black motherhood from your own personal experience?

Black motherhood for me has been learning that my journey doesn’t have to look like anyone else I’ve ever known. I didn’t grow up seeing a lot of black moms home with their kids and being active homemakers. It took me a long time to appreciate what it meant to be a home maker, and realize it’s not a job for the faint of heart....or the short of patience!

How long have you been a mother?

I’ll make 13 years in October! (Omg I’ll have a teeeeeen)

What does an average day with your children look like? 

I pop up every day between 530-630a. The kids are usually up between 7-8a. My 12yo logs into school and starts his day. Flash cards, comfort nursing, and baby I can read with the almost 2 year old. Breakfast is always later because my husband works mid-shift. Breakfast 10-11a. Then I start trying to get the Mr’s dinner ready. The rest of our morning is spent on the couch or playing with the smallest kiddo. Nap time is from 1/2p - 3/4p...depending on how many times I’m willing to nurse him back to sleep. My oldest is wrapping up school between 3-4p. Honestly I have no idea where 4-8p goes everyday. Probably an assortment of watching anime and trying to keep the little one alive. By this point of the day I’m exhausted and it’s taking everything for me to still be up. Sometimes I cook, sometimes I order Texas Roadhouse and they deliver. 🤷🏾‍♀️. Dinner is between 5-7p depending on if we had lunch or not. The more anime. The oldest cleans up, does the dishes, and takes out the trash between 8-9p. Bedtime is between 9-10pm.... and that’s the day!

What’s one thing you feel black mothers need to know?

It’s ok to do it a different way. You aren’t bound to raising your kids the way you were raised.

What do you think black children need to thrive in a world that tells them they aren’t enough or valued? 

Their voices. I remember being taught the children should be seen not heard. I remember being told I couldn’t question things. I see how these patterns have had negative effects in my adulthood. My oldest has his voice. He’s allowed to respectfully disagree, state his thoughts, and ask to be treated differently if there’s something he doesn’t like. He won’t grow up to deal with crap from people just because they are authority figures.

What do you enjoy most about being a mom? 

Hugs and how warm these kids get during nap time!

Wha do you think black mothers need to thrive while raising the future? 

Help, breaks, enrichment. I’m lucky to live in a culture where help isn’t hard to find and it’s relatively inexpensive. I have someone who comes 1 Day a week to clean and do laundry. It makes all the difference! I also have an understanding husband who gets it when I want to go spend and hour at the spa or salon because he knows that when I’m home there is no rest. There’s also the need to keep you mind and memory sharp as a sahm. My blog is helping me keep my mind and my word game up to par!

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?