Mommy interview: Symphony

So, tell Black Mom Life a little about yourself. Please provide any social media or links you’d like to be shared. 

I am a single, working mother of two little humans. I am a artist by training and work with my children to create. I believe in positive parenting and use a lot of self regulating strategies to ensure my babies have great social emotional skills. I believe in allowing my children to be care free. Oh and I'm trying to navigate finding new love.

How would you describe black motherhood from your own personal experience?

I am passionate about allowing my children to simply- Positive parenting, art and creating experiences are all important to me. Black Motherhood is a journey and there is no right or wrong way. I am writing my family's manual as it happens.

How long have you been a mother?

5.5 years

What does an average day with your children look like? 

Well, I am a Assistant principal so I am always around children. After working with other peoples children, I come home to my babies. We love to cook together, make art in the studio and engage in work within our community. We are always exploring the city and collecting supplies to make stuff later, together.

What’s one thing you feel black mothers need to know?

It's ok to not know all the answers. It is ok to be cheap and frugal. You can create meaningful experiences and spend quality time with one another without breaking the bank. I want mothers to know you can still be a woman, and engage in dating and taking time for yourself without feeling guilty.

What do you think black children need to thrive in a world that tells them they aren’t enough or valued? 

LOVE and unconditional support They need to know that they are capable of being trusted to speak on their own behalf.

What do you enjoy most about being a mom? 

I love being a person my children depend on for support and to guide them.My job is not to control them or impose my expectations -but to guide them! I love being able to watch that happen and see their eyes light up.

What do you think black mothers need to thrive while raising the future? 

Love and support and help. Some days we need a break. a hug. acknowledgement

Any other thoughts you’d like to share? 

I think this is an awesome idea!