Black Women Birthing: Christiana’s Homebirth

Photo: Auro Photography

Shout out to my husband for holding me down and making sure this was absolutely everything I wanted it to be.

Brycens Birth Story

Ken woke me up at 3 am Sunday morning he thought I was having a bad dream. When he woke me I felt a strange pain and went to use the bathroom. After I laid down we started timing. After the fifth contraction four minutes apart we called my midwife and Ken went downstairs to prepare the living room. I waited one more contraction and joined him downstairs. He already had pulled the pool out and started to blow it up. I paced the living room and continued to walk through contractions. Ken had reached calm panic mode he started calling our family and continue to prep the living room for what I wanted. He called my midwife for advice about the pool lined it and then cleared the hose started to fill it this whole time I'm walking and breathing through contractions. Ken's started boiling pots of water to add to the pool. He had two pots on the stove, and had both instant pots running. My midwife showed up and checked his heart rate and finished helping Ken set up checking the temp of the water in the pool. She took over timing my contractions, I appreciate the fact she never checked how dialated I was or tried to rush me. She just continued to let me labor until the pool was ready. I picked the candles I wanted Ken to light and turned my favorite artist up on the TV. When the pool was ready I got in the contractions changed, it was a weightlessness. You could definitely still feel them but not as hard as out of the pool. I labored the rest of the time in the pool. Ken say outside the pool rubbing my back and shoulders talking me through contractions. When I transitioned I had Ken go ahead and put on swim trunks and get into the pool. He would do hip squeezes and foot rubs hold me. At this point I was feeling really defeated because I could tell the contractions where getting closer and stronger but I couldn't feel him getting lower like I could with my other two. My midwife and Ken kept telling me I was so close but I just couldn't feel it. I think it was just a mixture of being in the pool and him still being En caul. I was in Ken's lap at this point cause he was holding me and talking me through contractions at this point. When I began pushing Ken held me to support me in the water asked if I would like him to count or what he could do to help me. I just asked him to hold me and I braced my leg up on the pool and pushed. While I was pushing kaeden came down and apparently was trying to doula the situation 😂😂😂 we got him to go back upstairs so I could focus on pushing. I pushed for about ten minutes my midwife said and he was born Ken caught him. The midwife had him bring him up slowly and we noticed he was in his sack Ken broke the sac. And the midwife went to check his airway and realized that his cord was wrapped around his neck three times. She unwrapped it and checked his heart and airway while Ken held him. Ken then put him on my chest as we waited for my placenta to come. After I birthed my placenta they got me out of the tub and I sat on the couch for my midwife to check on me to make sure I didn't tear I nursed him on the couch. She fed me some food and got me some juice before getting me upstairs. Brycen was born at 7:54 am his cord was cut closer to 10am me and him laid in my bed until we were ready. Ken got to cut the cord weigh and measure him. My midwife has been back twice to check on me since my birth and I'll have her till 12 weeks pp. This was by far my hardest pregnancy but best birth. It was so simple and relaxed.