Diaper Bags, Strollers & more: Sezzle And AfterPay Save The Day

Diaper bags and strollers are often a must have when it comes to motherhood. You need a diaper bag to carry around your child’s items. You need a stroller to push your baby, unless of course you babywear. Sometimes you want both. These two items can carry a heavy price tag. Now, this is where it can get pricey. Many moms would love to buy the latest diaper bag and/or stroller with all the accessories. Many do not want to pay the hefty price tag, well maybe not all at once. This is where sezzle and afterpay come in. They are the lay-away that everyone has been waiting for. They are the upgraded version of what lay-away was when we were children. With sezzle and afterpay, you make 4 installments or payments to pay off what ever the purchase amount was. Your item ships after the first payment you make unlike traditional lay away. So lets say you buy a diaper bag for $100, your first payment would be $25 and your item would be shipped. You then would have to make a $25 payment every two weeks until the $100 is completely paid off. There is no credit check and each order is subject to approval.

This can be very beneifical for moms who are on a budget with a bit of wiggle room. I personally use Afterpay and sezzle a lot, especially for big purchases that I need right away. I always factor it into my budget to make sure that I can afford it and not miss any payments. It’s an easy way for me to buy what I need for my kids right then and there without spending everything in my bank account.

If you want to buy things and are able to afford all your payments on time, go for it. Afterpay and sezzle can be a mom’s best friend when used right.