Just Wear The Baby

When in doubt just wear the baby!

Baby wearing is nothing new to the black community. Our African ancestors have been wearing babies for centuries, if not thousands of years. Baby wearing is very beneficial for the baby and mother. It fosters a loving bond between mother and child. I’m often asked why my babies were so calm and my response has always been “because I hold them a lot”. My babies are plastered to my body most of their infancy. My babies also didn’t cry much because they have felt safe and loved in my arms.

For some reason western societies paint baby wearing in a bad light. We are told that holding a baby causes them to be spoiled(insert eye roll). You cannot spoil a baby by giving them the love, and physical touch that they need to develop. Babies NEED to be held. Babies need to be spoken to and included in the family as often as possible. Baby-wearing provides all of these things.

Baby-wearing allows for a baby to be included in the family by observing and interacting with their family. They get to watch you cook, do the dishes and talk to your family. They learn social cues and become familiar with how the family functions all through observation. Believe it or not babies can get bored just lying around all day watching everyone walk by. Baby wearing allows for them to be stimulated safely while be held(babies love being held).

Don’t believe the people who say that crying is good for an infant’s lungs. Crying is not good for any human’s lungs, not adults and definitely not babies. Argue with science, not me. Don’t believe people who say they have to get used to being alone. That literally doesn’t make sense because a baby shouldn’t be left alone hence why they are a baby.

If you cannot get anything done around the house, just wear the baby. If your baby seems cranky when being put down, just wear the baby. If your baby wants to be held all the time(biologically normal), just wear the baby. Soon enough they will be crawling, walking and off to college before you know it. Don’t miss out on holding and loving on your baby for the fear of “spoiling” a human who needs human touch almost constantly to be happy and develop.

MotherhoodEpiphany Edwards