Mom bod

Some women give birth and their bodies return to pre baby shape. By that I mean they don't have saggy or wrinkled stomachs. For some reason that wrinkly stomach is the most telltale sign of pregnancy and childbirth.

Motherhood isn’t enough

Ever so often I run into people who think that being a mom is the end of life goals and aspirations. I hear things like "oh you're a mom, you should just focus on your kids", I was even told once that if me and my partner broke up I should not date or do anything other than work and raise my children. I'll be honest, that was some of the worst advice I have ever heard and I think it's complete bullshit.

Woman first, mother second

Somewhere when we give birth, when we become mothers, womanhood gets lost. All of a sudden we don't take the extra time to care for ourselves. Those regular self care appointments just get pushed back farther and farther on the calendar. This is how you end up with frumpy moms. There is nothing wrong with being frumpy if that was your style before you became a mom.

The Journey Begins

I've been wanting to blog for some time. I never got around to it because I always thought no one would be interested. I always thought I wouldn't have enough time. I shouldn't allow that to stop me from having a creative outlet and putting myself out there. I trimmed down my gel tips so that I could properly type.